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My extensive experience Online has enabled me to realize that Local Marketing is the BEST way to help small businesses bridge the gap from being Off-Line to getting Online... I have developed several much needed and fulfilling Web Properties to satisfy almost every customer demand. The process is on-going and virtually never-ending... Having gained a keen appreciation of the needs of prospective clientele, I am well-placed to provide cutting edge services tailored to suit an evolving market...



- I am a student of a great Marketing Genius of our time, Jay Abraham, and thus…
…I help small businesses build sales FAST with a proven, easy to use, low-cost marketing system that works every single time!


Back in 1987 I vividly recall using Bulletin Board Services to go online. Those were the days that CompuServe and Dow Jones Online News Retrieval Service were the key stakeholders that dominated the market.

Over the years, I have witnessed the birth of many such as,,,,, (used to be,,, and so many others.

Based on the knowledge and experience I gained throughout the years, I am confident that I can empower those who would like to navigate the Internet and maximise its POWER; do so safely, inexpensively, productively, securely, and quickly to complete satisfaction.

So here I am slowly gathering an effective dream team of specialists, and together…


We Are Seeking…

Current Properties…

We Help You…

- Partners
- JVs
- Resellers
- Affiliates
- Super Affiliates
- Managers
- VAs (Virtual Assistants)
- OutSourcers

...more in the works

- QUICKLY Dominate Your
Local Market
- Make Sure Your Web Presence is MOST Effective
- Captivate & Influence Your TARGET Audience



I just started a really interesting project to teach 1,000,000 people how to make a living online.
I challenged myself to accomplish this feat in just 365 days.
See details HERE.

Since we dont have the donations we require to get started yet I decided to request all persons who desire to be considered for training at this time to help us out bySharing andTweeting the project to your friends and family. Thanks in Advance for your help in getting the word out.

If you have over 1,000 FaceBook friends and 1,000 Twitter followers you may pay in kind for level one training ONLY.

You MUST also fill out our qualification Form and Questionnaire as well.

Get 365 days access to training without qualifying for:
= $6 for Writer OR Sales
(REGULAR PRICE $17 a year each)
= $8 for BOTH Writer & Sales (REGULAR PRICE $27 a year)
= $11 to include Tech Training so you have ALL 3 Trainings (REGULAR PRICE $37 a year)

PLEASE NOTE:  All Training without qualification excludes you from our free website and hosting program. Website and hosting is available to you at the going rate anytime

You are NOT required to fill out our Form and Questionnaire to qualify for paid Training.




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